Open Box Black Luna w/NuVinci Harmony, 500W Motor, 48V10Ah Battery
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You're just a few steps away from getting your Open Box EVELO Luna! Your Open Box Bike has the following components:

  1. Drivetrain -  NuVinci Harmony (info) fully automatic drivetrain
  2. Motor Power Capacity -  500W mid-drive motor
  3. Battery Option-  Standard 48V10Ah battery with 20-40 mile range
  4. Warranty Protection Coverage -  4-Year/20,000-Mile Warranty Protection
  5. Color –  Black


  • all units are on a first-come, first-served basis, and they do move quickly
  • all open-box bicycles are shipped within 10 business days from the purchase date
  • open-box bicycles are not eligible for any additional discounts or coupons
  • open-box bicycles cannot be financed
  • sales tax is collected in WA and NY
  • all sales are final