EVELO Preferred Customer Annual Membership
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$199.00 USD
Free UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada.

Upgrading to a Preferred Customer annual membership adds an extra level of security for your valuable EVELO electric bike. All EVELO bikes come standard with a 4-year/20-000-mile warranty and customer service available 7 days of the week, but Preferred Customers benefit from the following:

  • Complete theft protection with the [EVELO] lock included for as long as you keep your membership. If your bike is stolen while secured with the provided lock, we will replace it.*
  • Free annual tune-up at a bike shop of your choice (up to $50).
  • 20% year-end rebate on all EVELO accessories purchased that year.

* Theft Protection Plan does not cover stolen batteries or other components. EVELO is not responsible for other items that may be stolen along with the bicycle, even if the customer has the Preferred Customer Membership with Theft Protection.

At the time of theft, the stolen EVELO bicycle must have been secured with a lock received from EVELO.com. The bike must be properly locked to a solidly anchored immovable post or object.  If the lock was secured improperly, Theft Protection does not apply. If the bike is not locked with the [EVELO] lock during the theft, Theft Protection also does not apply.

The Preferred Customer Membership with Theft Protection Plan is not an insurance policy. It is an optional extended warranty for the performance of the [EVELO] lock. Purchasers of EVELO bikes are encouraged to obtain appropriate insurance coverage from the insurance company of their choosing.

The Theft Protection plan solely covers the EVELO bike for which it is registered. The plan does not cover other bicycles.

EVELO reserves the right to cancel or reject any claims that fall outside of the rules and regulations delineated above. Moreover, EVELO reserves the right to take legal action against any customer or individual who attempts to unfairly exploit the Theft Protection plan.

Theft protection process for requesting a replacement - see details here.