Alabama State Electric Bike Laws

Alabama State Electric Bike Laws, Definition & Legal Operation

Definition of Electric Bike:

Per Alabama (AL) state statues, any vehicle with a motor attached is considered a motor vehicle and is subject to the states licensing and registration statues.

Licensing and Registration:

Alabama state statues require a Class M license to operate an electric bike. Alabama restricts Class M licenses to persons 14 years and older. Alabama does not require electric bikes to be registered.

Helmet Law:

Alabama requires that any person under the age of 16 riding a bicycle, as an operator or passenger, must wear a protective bicycle helmet.

Where to Ride:

Alabama requires that bicyclists ride as far to the right as practicable. Electric bikes may not use sidewalks or bike paths. Disclaimer: Laws and policies can change at any time rendering the above information outdated and non-applicable. EVELO strongly encourages checking with City, County, State and other local agencies for the most recent laws governing the proper, legal use of electric bicycles in your area. Source: Alabama DMV - Other Motor Vehicles Code of Alabama Wondering where to go next?