Modern smart phones have made our everyday lives easier in so many ways that it's often hard to remember what it was like before they were commonplace. One of the places they can really be useful is on our bikes.   We can track our speed and distance, run various apps that will show our heart rate and cadence (with appropriate accessories) , provide music to listen to, and of course, the big one: give us directions and help when we get lost! But using one on a bike can be a pain.   Keeping it in your pocket is one option, but then you can't see the screen, and hearing the directions can be hard.    If your route is simple that may not be such a problem, but when you're constantly having to make turns, missing a single instruction can be a hassle – you need to pull it out of your pocket and have it tell you the instruction again. So, the best option is to keep it somewhere convenient, like on the handlebars.   However, given how much a replacement costs, you need to consider protection, both from bumps and such, but also weather.    One of the best ways to do this is with a dedicated, padded case that has a window so you can see the display.    There's lots of options on the market, and they range from $5 up to $100.    The cheap ones often aren't very good, and well, I don't know about you, but I consider $100 for something like this to be a bit much! Fortunately, I've found a good budget option: Gear Beast Waterproof Pouch Apple iPhone 6 Bike Mount Holder Compatible with Smartphones with up to 4.8 Inch Displays I've been testing this one out for a few months now, and I have to say it works really well!   In my case, I'm using it with a Samsung Galaxy SIII with an extra large (and thick) battery pack and it fits nicely. Almost any phone except for the biggest “phablets” will fit with no problems.     The case is sturdy, well made, has good padding for protection and since it comes with additional bits of foam padding, you can get a good, snug fit with almost any phone.  It also fits my small, thin Nokia Lumia quite well, due to the extra foam.   Just find the combination of bits that works best for your phone and you're good to go! Installing and removing your phone is a snap; there's a zipper along the side to make getting the phone in and out easy.   The plastic screen cover is nice and clear, so seeing the display is no problem at all (this can often be a problem with completely enclosed cases), and touch gestures transfer through well on all the phones I've tested. While it isn't completely waterproof, it's certainly enough to protect against moderate rain to even heavy rain.  In a torrential downpour you might get a bit of leakage around the zipper, but not too much.   It mounts easily to your handlebar, or handlebar stem, whichever is more convenient for you.   And it's easy to take your phone out when you leave your bike unattended. Oh, and a final note for you with EVELO bikes: if your bike comes with the new display panel that we've been using since 2014, you have a charge port on the side of your display panel that can be used to charge any device that has a USB charging cable. For $15, it's a bargain.     Highly recommended!