Looking for some new reading material? Well, whether you like blogs about health & nutrition, retirement planning, housing, technology, or general news, we’ve got you covered. The EVELO team has chosen five of our favorite websites in each of those categories, so with 25 new sites to read, you’ll have plenty of fresh news to keep you sharp. Some of the sites are specifically tailored for the 55+ crowd, while others feature great content for people of any age, but either way - these are THE sites to read, starting with our favorites in each category first.

Health & Nutrition


Better Health

betterhealthWhile staying fit and healthy can be a challenge at any age, we know that seniors face their own unique obstacles to staying in shape. Whether it’s creaky bones, old injuries, or just plain ol’ reduced mobility, special consideration must be taken before setting out to exercise or diet. That’s why a site like Better Health, which is specifically tailored to older folks, is such a great resource. It’s a mix of health news, exercise regimens, pain management advice, and more, that really speaks to seniors.

New York Times Health & Wellness

well_main_winterIt was a sad day when the New York Times shut down their dedicated senior health blog last year. Fortunately, all that great content, as well as new updates, continue to live on at two related sites: The New York Times Health section, and their “Well” blog. There, you’ll find all sorts of amazing updates for living well, staying healthy, and feeling great at any age. We find their tips on how to best avoid injury while exercising to be especially helpful.

AARP’s Sexology

American_Association_of_Retired_Persons_(logo)AARP has been a respected resource for retirees for over 50 years, so it only makes sense they’d have a number of great resources for seniors looking to stay learned. As such, they run a number of blogs, but we find their most unique one to be Sexology. There’s no squeamishness here; they tackle love and sex for the 55+ set in a head-on manner, doling out helpful advice for keeping love lives (and marriages) healthy and working at any age, as well as fun pointers for widowers and divorcees.

Sunrise Blog

banner-senior-eatsLove to cook? Looking to stay healthy and active in the kitchen at any age? Well then Sunrise Blog is the website for you! While they do cover a range of topics, their focus on fun and simple recipes for seniors is what makes this site shine. A recent post on how to make a chicken caprese had us licking our lips, while “6 Smoothie Recipes That Pack In The Nutrients” looks absolutely delicious.


eatfresh-logo-org_2Trying to cook healthy while sticking to a limited income? Well, EatFresh has you covered, with a series of easy to follow recipes that are as cost conscious as they are nutritious. Add in their blog, where a real dietitian answers readers’ questions, and you’ve got yourself one great resource.

Retirement Planning


The Roaming Boomers

roaming-boomers-lets-go-have-fun-header-1A successful retirement doesn’t have to mean sitting around the house. In fact, with some proper saving, planning, and by making smart use of travel deals, you can spend many of your golden years roaming the world. The Roaming Boomers shows you exactly how to do that, complete with tips and photos that will make motivate you to hit the road ASAP.

Money Over 55

aboutmoneyWhether you’re stressed about finances as you retire, or just want to keep up with the latest stocks, investment, and social security news, Money Over 55 has you covered. As part of the About network, this site features both original content and articles sourced from their whole collection of sites, meaning you get a number of smart perspectives on how to save and spend wisely. Some articles, like “5 Ways to Become a Millionaire” are fun and aspirational, while others like “Social Security Just Changed. Are You Affected?” get straight to the need-to-know facts.

Can I Retire Yet?

caniretireyetFor those looking to keep an eye on their stocks and bonds, Can I Retire Yet? offers savvy financial insight that’s always paired with an eye towards living as comfortable a retirement as possible. If you’re looking for not just financial news, but an analysis of how that financial news will affect you and your portfolio, this is the site for you.

Time Goes By

timegoesbyFor those of you that have just crested the 55+ barrier, the road ahead for the next 30 or more years can seem daunting and confusing. Why not learn from those that have already travelled that path, to see what they’ve experienced, and how they dealt with various challenges? That’s exactly the premise behind Time Goes By, as it’s filled with great personal stories, usually containing nuggets of wisdom, from your fellow retirees.

The Retirement Cafe

retirementcafeHere’s another retirement focused blog, but with a more personal twist. Instead of being run by some big company, The Retirement Cafe just offers the personal thoughts and advice of one man: Dirk Cotton. But Dirk isn’t just some run of the mill Joe spouting off blog posts; he’s a retired Fortune 500 executive who holds multiple degrees. As such, you can expect sage advice on how to best manage your money, trends to look for, and retirement pratfalls to avoid. How smart!



A Place for Mom

placeformomA Place for Mom got its start running a service that connects seniors with retirement communities and senior care facilities, so they definitely know their audience. That said, their blog is by no means a simple advertisement for their services. Instead, they cover a wide range of topics that anyone on the wiser side of the hill will find interesting. That includes helpful tips like “how to beat the high cost of senior living” to helping diagnose dementia and other ailments. So if you want to stay both safe and smart, this is the blog for you.

Inside Elder Care

insideeldercareInside Elder Care’s slogan is “helping families get the most from their elder care experience” and that’s exactly what you’ll find on this helpful website. They’ve got personal stories, reviews, news, checklists, and photos to ensure that if and when you decide it’s time for elder care, you’re making the most informed decision possible.


55placesOften times, the best blogs are more than just mere news updates, they offer unique tools or databases that complement their writers’ offerings. 55Places.com is a great example of that. On one hand, they have a great blog that offers advice for seniors looking to sell their home, or considering a new housing community to join. And on the other hand, they have a powerful search tool that lets you compare and contrast active adult communities across the entire country. It’s a win-win!

Zillow Research

zillowZillow Research has some similarities to 55Places.com, but features a broader focus. Their site contains tools for people of any age to buy or sell a house, and their blog is similarly concentrated on news and their own unique research into housing market trends. So, while this might not be quite as useful for those looking to compare retirement community options, their insight gives seniors looking to sell their existing home all the information they’ll need to get the best price possible.

Old House Online

oldhouseAre you looking to stay in your existing home as long as possible? Well, living in an old house means loving it, and helping keep it in good shape. Old House Online offers lots of helpful articles on how to keep your home looking and functioning well. They also offer specific articles geared towards seniors that may need to retrofit an existing home to accommodate their new needs as they age.



AARP’s The Download

American_Association_of_Retired_Persons_(logo)As we mentioned earlier, AARP runs a litany of blogs, seemingly one for every topic. Another one of our favorites is The Download, which is focused on technology news and advancements for daily life. We’re not talking about pie-in-the-sky high tech things here, just real advancements that can make real people’s lives better.

SeniorNet Blog

SeniorNet_1986_transparentThe SeniorNet Blog is generally focused on technology and how advancements are changing our world. Some recent topics include social engineering, price checker apps for your smartphone, and how to use the Internet to best utilize your Medicare. So, if you’ve been bitten by the tech-bug, you’ll love this blog!


cnet-redball-largeWhile the stereotype may say that only youngsters can be gadget lovers, we know many older tech wizards that laugh in the face of that out of date generalization. If you love the nitty gritty on the latest gizmos and gadgets, we really do think CNET is the site for you. While there’s nothing inherently senior focused about it, this site does a great job of making its content accessible to everyone, while not getting bogged down in arcane pop-oriented side shows that can detract from some competing sites.

Parent Giving

parentgiving-logoLooking for great gifts for yourself or another golden-ager? Well, Parent Giving has you covered. They’re not just a smart shopping site for all sorts of items geared towards the 55+ crowd, but they also have clever articles and guides about how to best use those items. So whether it’s a new telephone or a “smarter” pillow you’re looking for, Parent Giving has what you need.

Jeff’s Help Blog

jeffs-help-blogFor some seniors, there’s no piece of technology more vital than a health alert device. For those not familiar with the term, think of the iconic Life Alert - “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials. Jeff’s Help Blog covers a number of tech topics, but has a deep focus on the features and pros/cons of various health alert devices. So if you’re considering one of those products for you or someone you care about, give this site a read.

General News



Looking for a never ending stream of content? Well, The Huffinton Post’s HuffPost50 has got you covered! While specifically geared to those 50 and over (as the name makes clear), this site still manages to churn out dozens of new posts a week. And don’t think this is just quantity over quality, recent stories like “Staying Behind The Wheel As You Age May Help You Stay Sharp” and “5 Things We Can Learn From Our Grandmothers' Generation” offer real thoughtful takes on important topics.

Senior Planet

seniorplanetSenior Planet’s slogan is “aging with attitude” and they really mean it! This blog has something for every golden-ager that’s looking for what’s new and cool: technology, environmental updates, general news, and more. So if you’re looking to keep up with the latest and greatest, give this site a spin!


babyboomersYes, some baby boomers are only 52, and some healthy and active 75 year olds aren’t technically “baby boomers.” But either way Babyboomers.com, a news site focused on America’s biggest generational cohort, is bound to have smart takes on the latest trends, and thoughts on how they’ll impact people like you. Here’s to booming!


BOOMERCAFE_banner_SnapseedHere’s another great site for you baby boomers or wanna be boomers - boomercafe.com. While not as “hard news” focused as Babyboomers.com, BoomerCafe offers interesting takes on how to live a great life as you age, all while keeping relevant with the latest news, developments, and trends.

AARP’s Bulletin Today

American_Association_of_Retired_Persons_(logo)The last of our favorite AARP blogs truly has something for everyone. Bulletin Today focuses on the latest news: not just what the stories are, but how they impact and affect senior citizens. So, next time you see a headline in your local paper and think “but what does that mean for me?” head here first. Do you have a favorite blog or website? Let us know in the comments below!