New York City laws, Uber, tariffs, and how riding an ebike boosts health and fitness were among the top electric bike stories of 2018. In this news roundup, you’ll find a brief summary of some of the most talked about electric bike news from last year with links to several associated articles.

New York City & Electric Bikes

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio actually started his battle against certain kinds of cargo vehicles described as “ebikes” in October of 2017, but the city’s “ban on electric bikes” was a key news story throughout 2018. The argument over whether throttled, electric cargo bikes should be legal in New York demonstrated how broad the term “electric bike” is and how important it will be for commuters and recreational riders to communicate the differences. For example, some of the ebikes de Blasio wanted to ban from the New York City didn’t even have pedals. Here are several articles and editorials that will bring you up to speed on this topic.

Uber adds Jump

Car sharing and food delivery company, Uber acquired electric bike and scooter sharing company Jump for a reported $200 million. The deal put Uber front and center of several news stories around electric bikes, ride sharing generally, and the future of personal automobiles.

The U.S. Places a 25-percent Tariff on Electric Bikes

In August 2018, the United States placed a 25-percent tariff on the vast majority of electric bikes. Some in the industry believe the tariff could impact the U.S. electric bike market in 2019.

Electric Bikes Boost Health, Fitness

Several articles noted that bicycling, including riding an electric bike, can significantly improve health. This reinforced something many electric bike owners already know. Electric bikes are a great way to get back in shape or stay fit.