Brr! It may finally be March, but it’s definitely still chilly out there. If you’re like us, going too long without getting on your bicycle can make you go crazy, but you don’t want to risk your health by going out into the cold unprepared. We already gave you 10 tips for biking safely in winter weather, but if you complement that with some of these amazing accessories, you’ll be happily biking no matter what the temperature or weather is outside. So read up, strap on this gear, and get out there!


BKNo, you’re not robbing a bank; what you’re doing is keeping your whole body toasty by wrapping your head in a balaclava. Unlike hoodies or hats that may restrict your peripheral vision, a Balaclava will keep you safe AND warm at the same time. They’re available in many materials, with the cheap ones usually knit, and the most expensive ones made of neoprene.  

Bike Gloves

bikegloveNow that we’ve covered your head, what about your hands? While many riders already have a set of biking gloves, those usually leave the ends of your fingers exposed to the bitter cold. Consider getting a thermal bike glove; unlike your average glove or mitten, it’s extra grippy, ensuring you can still change gears and brake with ease, all while keeping your extremities warm and comfy.

Thermal Shirt

81bIrPIIjEL._SL1500_So we’ve got your heads and hands warmed up, but what about your core? Those setting out into a serious freeze may want to purchase a thermal shirt. Obviously this purchase will be just as great for any other activity you do in the cold, but you’ll find it especially helpful as you’re speeding along on your bike, no longer licked by cold winds as your shirt’s insulation keeps you extra toasty.

Studded Tires

EXOREANow that we’ve covered your body, let’s talk about your ride. After all, if you’re all warm and bundled up but still struggling to get traction, we haven’t done you a lick of good. That’s why serious winter cyclists should consider studded bicycle tires. They’re surprisingly affordable, and will let you gain traction in even the most inclement of weather. While others stay home when it snows, you’ll be out having fun!

Spare Parts

Obviously getting a flat sucks no matter what the weather is like. But if it’s cold out there, getting stuck without a replacement tube can take on serious health consequences. That’s why we highly recommend riding with a spare part kit. This will ensure you can make any tune-ups or swap-outs as quickly as possible, so you can get back on the road without wasting too much heat and energy.

Bike GPS

cf-lgThis next recommendation is for those that are planning SERIOUS rides out in the wild. Given that it may be too cold to consult your phone, and there’s a risk you could get lost, consider investing in a bike GPS. Not only will it show you your next turn, some models come with important features like weather warnings, and the ability to summon help if something goes wrong.

Shoe Cover

616B1db08iL._SL1200_For cyclists that use “clip ins” to stay attached to their bike, this next product can make all the difference on a wet day. Shoe covers slip over your bicycle shoe, but still let you clip into your pedals, and keep your feet dry no matter what the weather is like. Beyond that, they improve your aerodynamic profile, meaning you’re going to be both warm AND fast.

Extra Powerful Lamp

856-0550_urban800fc_1_1While every bicyclist already has a light on the front and back of their bike, sometimes the illumination those basic models puts out just doesn’t quite cut it. Consider investing in a higher-end bike lamp, which will throw off some serious lumens. A high end lamp will make it so you can see further, so vehicles can see you from greater distances, and as a bonus are going to be waterproof for extra durability. So instead of squinting to see the road, think about picking up one of these bad boys. Are you ready to ride in any weather? Let us know your favorite year-round riding spots, as well as any of your preferred accessories to keep on biking during winter.