At EVELO, we’re big believers in the old adage that “age is just a number.” You can see it in our bikes and the people who love them; we’ve taken people who were 60 through 80 and had felt unhappy just sitting at home, and turned them into fun loving electric bikers, who can now cruise around town whenever they want, with or without their kids & grandkids. So, it bring us great pleasure to see another organization that’s adopted this same mentality. In Europe, Spain is building playgrounds and parks specially made for retirees and golden-agers. Check out the video below! You might be thinking - what’s so special about playgrounds for seniors? Well, beyond the general fact that they’re FUN, they offer a number of great benefits. First off, they encourage mobility; this keeps you more flexible and nimble, and is good for not just your joints but your heart as well. Second, by getting seniors out and about, it helps them make friends, stave off depression, and build stronger social bonds with their families and their community as a whole. Case in point, “...once you stop moving, things go badly. If you exercise you feel better,” says retiree Manuel Francisco Martin. “When you go up a couple of steps you don’t get out of breath. When you walk for 10 minutes you feel calm and relaxed.” spainsenior2 Not only are these playgrounds heart-smart, they’re smart from a fiscal perspective too. With 40 to 45 percent of Spain’s population soon to be retirees, (according to PRI) it behooves the state to keep that population healthy. Instead of dealing with huge medical bills down the line, this program instead lets them spend far more modestly on playgrounds that not only look good, but do good as well. Now that’s a win win! No playground near you? Well make your own fun, by hopping on the latest and greatest EVELO electric bike.
Retirees and senior citizens can face a number of unique challenges, such as staying fit, retaining mobility, connecting with their grandkids, and more. Fitness fads come and go, old injuries flare up, and families move, presenting unique issues that seem to change every week. But with any challenge comes a tremendous opportunity, and fortunately that’s exactly the case here. Smart seniors have a solution that lets them stay healthy and mobile, have fun with their friends and family, and most importantly - get in shape! So what’s the best way to stay strong as you enter your golden years? Electric bicycles! Let’s break down the challenges seniors face one by one, and see how an ebike is the perfect way to stay active no matter what your age.

Staying in Shape

There’s no way of sugar coating this hard truth: as you get older, exercising becomes trickier. Bones creek, old injuries flare up, and certain ailments like high blood pressure can make certain activities dangerous. After all, there’s a reason you don’t see many 50 year olds playing football! There are two things a senior should look for in an exercise regimen: that it’s aerobic, and that it’s low impact. Aerobic, or cardio, means that the routine gets your heart pumping faster, which increases the the calories you burn and muscle you build, while help staving off heart disease. Low impact means that the exercise is easy on your body, as in you’re not hitting your knees against tough pavement or getting pummelled by opposing players. This means we can rule out activities like weightlifting, as that doesn’t get your heart rate up. Running, basketball, or hockey can also be perilous, as the impact could potentially damage fraile bodies. A classic example of a sport that is cardio and low impact would be swimming: it gets your heart way up, and since you’re just gliding through water, there’s almost no impact to injure you. But, most people don’t have access to pools that often. Do you know what EVERYONE does has access to? Roads, streets and trails! That’s why bicycling is the perfect activity for seniors. It gets your heart rate up, and since your legs and just gliding in perfect circles, there’s very little “impact” to hurt your body. That’s why organizations like the AARP recommend bicycling to their members. And if bicycling is good, electric biking is even better. For starters, it lets inexperienced riders quickly get comfortable, as they don’t have to worry about going to slow, or getting overly out of breath. It also lets any rider dramatically expand their range, as they can now complement their leg muscles with the smooth boost of electric power, whenever they want. And if you go on a lovely ride and decide you don’t want to pedal on your way back, just let the batteries do all the work for you! ballerina-bicycle-fitness-man-old-health-forest-trees-park-tree-exercise-dance-dancing-race-1542502

Increased Mobility

If there’s one thing you can say about Americans of any age, it’s that they love their mobility: the freedom to travel, unfettered access to our country’s beautiful cities and natural wonders — it’s all a part of the American dream! But some seniors find that as they age, getting around can be trickier. Maybe they’re not as comfortable driving their car at all times. Maybe the high cost of gasoline has got you worried about your pocketbook. Maybe you’re environmentally conscious and don’t like the idea of burning fuel to run simple errands around town. Alternatively, maybe you love to travel, and are looking for a mode of transport that will complement your RVing or road trips. Or perhaps you’ve just been eyeing the beautiful riding trails that are more and more popular all across the country. With an electric bike, all this mobility will be yours again. Riding a bike gets you across distances about 3 to 4 times as fast as walking. And when you add in some electric boost, you could be going up 20 miles per hour. That’s faster than those cars sitting in traffic! What about range? Well, select EVELOs can go up to 60 miles on one charge. That’s more than enough to tackle most any beautiful trail or ride to the market and back again, with plenty of room to spare. With an electric bike, the only limitation is your imagination! woman-with-bicycle-1436155

Family Fun

Have you been looking to reconnect with your family and friends? Or maybe there are community members and events you’d like to better engage with. With an electric bike, you can do any of those things. There are few things that bring people together quite like riding a bike. The serenity of nature surrounds you, the smell of leaves is complemented by a rush of endorphins as you and your loved ones head down your chosen path. But without a little electrical assistance, some seniors find their grandkids will race way ahead of them, or get testy waiting for grandma and grandpa to catch up. With an electric bike, you’ll be the one kicking THEIR butts! Joking aside, an ebike will more than let you keep up with the kiddos, and allow you to set the course and choose the adventure as you head down the bike path. But bike rides aren’t just for families. We’ve seen more than our fair share of friendships rekindled with a shared love of biking. Whether it’s to a beautiful destination or events around town, getting somewhere on bike really brings friends, both old and new, together. No matter where you live, there are sure to be great bike events for you to participate in. And that really is the best part of it; once you’re on your bike you’ll be having fun, being mobile, and staying in shape — all at once!

Guaranteed Good Times

So what are you waiting for? Nowadays there are countless different electric bicycles out there, all ready for riders of different skills and sizes. Plus, some brands, such as EVELO, even offer trial periods that ensure you’ll love your bicycle and are happy with your purchase. The sooner you can get yourself on an ebike, the sooner you can be having fun, losing weight, gaining muscle, and staying fit. With an electric bicycle - you’ll feel like a kid again! A healthy, happy, and fit kid, to be specific. So, we hope to see you out there on your ebike sometime soon. Happy riding, Team EVELO
Europe, it’s truly one of the most magical and beautiful parts of the world. There’s the old world beauty of Paris, the stately grandeur of London, and the unforgettable beaches of the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, many European cities can cost a pretty penny (Euro penny, that is), making travel difficult for some seniors living on a budget. But those with a little travel savvy know that there are many great parts of Europe that are still affordable, and offer experiences that will rival or even best the classic destinations. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of these fantastic destinations across the whole continent, and learn a few neat tricks to make sure getting there is cheap and easy as well.


Let’s start our eurotrip off with one of the biggest names out there – Berlin, Germany. Just because we’re traveling on a budget, doesn’t mean we can’t get cultural and historical amenities on the scale of London and Paris. While those two cities have become obscenely expensive, Berlin has managed to retain most of its downmarket charm, all while conveniently staying in the Eurozone. Don’t believe us? Well,’s cost of living calculator proves that Berlin is a whopping 30% less expensive than London. So what are the best things to do with those savings? We’d say make use of all of Berlin’s amazing museums! While the city is filled with hundreds of world class museums and galleries, we’ve got some favorites, including the Hamburger Bahnhof: an amazing contemporary art museum located in a beautiful former train station, and the very Germanic Museum for Architectural Drawing. Of course, no visit to Germany would be complete without touching on the country’s dark history, and there are a number of powerful institutions that will assist you with this. The DDR Museum and the Stasi Museum offer looks into the workings of old East Germany, and its espionage activities, respectively. The Jewish Museum and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe offer two very powerful insights into Jewish experience in Germany, and the tragedy of the holocaust. Next, there’s the East Side Gallery, a 1.3 kilometer long section of the former Berlin Wall. Just as it stood as an amazing graffiti art project during the time it divided Berlin in two, it continues to be an eye-catching mecca for street art, all visible completely free of charge. All this museuming will leave you hungry, so cap your adventure off with a visit to the Currywurst Musuem, and sample many varieties of the city’s most famous food. Best of all, Berlin’s U-Bahn and S-Bahn train systems cover the entire city, so you’ll be able to get around from destination to destination with an affordable multi-day pass that also gets you discounts on many of the city’s tourist highlights. So as they say in Germany, auf widersehen!


o8LYke8 Our next destination is also in the Eurozone, but has a decidedly different climate. While many head to Italy for warm weather, delicious food & wine, and millennia of history, they quickly find their pocketbooks drained. Instead, head to Greece, a land so rich with history that many of its amazing archeological sites were already considered ancient history during the time that Rome ruled the earth. While an amazing meal and wine may set you back at least $30 in Italy, you’ll find you can have that same experience in Greece for under $10. Consider starting off in Athens, the country’s charmingly chaotic capital. Ever since investing billions for the 2004 Olympics, getting around town has become a lot simpler for tourists, meaning you can easily access must-see sights like the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora, and the National Archeological Museum. Once you’ve had your fill of the city, head to the coast! Greece is full of many amazing and affordable beaches, both on the mainland and separate islands. Mykonos and its surrounding islands are renowned for their warm water, beautiful sand, lush sunsets, and laid back vibes. Or save yourself the ferry fare and head to somewhere like Corinth, where you’ll have your choice of beaches on both sides of the country’s narrow isthmus, as well as more ancient historical sites to keep your mind full of wonder.

Czech Republic

nUxPDZm If you want to stretch your savings even further, look to a country that doesn’t use the Euro. We heartily recommend the Czech Republic, especially its fairytale like capital of Prague. People of all ages will love strolling the historic Old Town Square (featuring the world’s oldest operating astronomical clock), or crossing the Charles Bridge, first built in 1357. Anywhere you look you’ll see the country’s rich history, including the Vyšehrad (good luck pronouncing that!), a beautiful historic castle on a hill overlooking the Vltava River. For an only slightly less ancient castle, head to Prague Castle, home of the country’s president, and the largest castle in the ancient world. Next, mix your state with some church, and take a look at the breathtaking St. Vitus Cathedral, first founded over a millenia ago. If those are enough historical sites for you, Prague has some great modern offerings as well. The Dancing House, an amazing contemporary structure designed by the world renowned Frank Gehry, is a feast for the eyes, and completely free to view. And for those that still love The Beatles, don’t forget to stop by the lovely Lennon Wall, a free artistic tribute to the late, great John Lennon.


oQ1amVc Looking for a beach getaway that’s even more affordable than Greece? Then head to Croatia, a European country that, like the Czech Republic, hasn’t yet adopted the Euro. This means you can head to historic beach towns like Dubrovnik, and still manage to snag a high amenity, well located hotel for under $100 per night. Renowned as “the Mediterranean as it once was,” you’ll find this to be a quiet getaway, with many hotels having their own private beaches, all with crystal clear water and warm waves lapping at your feet. The country is lined with hundreds of other amazing beaches, such as Zlatni Rat (meaning “golden horn”) or the island of Rab. While some locales may become a bit hectic with nightlife, such as Zrće, for the most part you’ll find every inch of sand to be more enjoyable than the last. Once you’ve gotten your fill of the sea, head inland to Zagreb, the country’s capital. While the city might not have the most name recognition, you'll quickly find it to have an unexpectedly rich history, as it dates back to the first century, and is adorned with many historic sites and wonderful museums. The Museum of Contemporary Art is especially well regarded, while the Museum of Broken Relationships is a humorous testament to the frailties of love, and something unique to only Zagreb.

Getting There

_32B5502 These destinations may all be affordable and senior friendly, but what about getting there? Depending on which country (or countries) you choose to visit, a rail pass can be quite affordable, starting at under $100 for multiple uses within a month. Europe is also rife with discount airlines, such as Ryanair and Easyjet. While these airlines may have some amazingly cheap fares (for example, you can fly Ryanair from Athens to Berlin for under €20) they might not be the most senior friendly, as they contain very narrow aisles / seats, and like to trick you with hidden fees and upcharges. So, make sure to do your research before you book a flight with them, or stick to the wide aisles and low hassles of train travel. So, are you thinking of heading off to Europe for a holiday? Let us know where you want to go in the comments section below!