In this installment of our 3 Minute Electric Bike Video Series, Bill explains how range and amp hours relate and what important factors you need to to determine which battery is best for you. First, amp hours is just the rating of a battery that relates to how far you can go on a single charge. The benchmark standard of battery in the electric bike industry is a 10 amp hour battery. With a battery like that you can go roughly 20 -40 miles on a single charge. You might say to yourself, “20-40 miles, that’s a really broad range but why is that such a broad spectrum.” There are many factors that play in how far you can go on a single charge:
  • a hilly area
  • a windy area
  • if you like to go fast, you’d actually have more wind resistance and that draws more current
  • lighter weight which definitely is a big factor because somebody who weighs 150lbs is going to draw less energy than somebody who weighs 250lbs so that’s a factor.
  • Tire inflation
  • Long Rides, if you like to do long distance rides, you definitely want to be considering extended range battery
In summary, if you are in a hilly area, if it’s really windy, if you are a heavier person, if you like to go really fast, you probably are thinking about an extended range battery. If those things don’t apply to you, a 10 amp hour battery that is the benchmark standard in our industry, would be appropriate for you.