At EVELO, we are on a mission to make cycling accessible to everyone - regardless of hills, fitness levels, age, and other barriers - through electric bikes. Electric bicycles create a whole new transportation paradigm - enabling people to get around cities more efficiently, leave their cars at home, and improve their health in the meantime. We've seen countless clients switch from other modes of transportation to electric bikes.  While on an e-bike, you control pedaling and have the peace of mind in knowing a small, integrated motor is there to give a boost when needed. In Europe and Asia, the electric bike industry is growing tremendously with over 200M e-biks on the road today, and it’s quickly gaining traction in North America. People engage us on a daily basis, curious to learn more. However, finding the right information can be overwhelming. For example, what’s the difference between various motors and batteries? What questions should you ask a local retailer? How are electric bikes different from scooters and other motorized transportation? A lot of online information is fragmented, contradictory, or outdated, requiring you to sift through a multitude of websites to get accurate, real-time answers. There must be a better way to understand options and get information on how to make the best buying decision.  There is! We’ve created the most comprehensive and accessible electric bike guide on the web and we're proud to share The Complete Electric Bike Buyer's Guide! In this 17,000-word guide you’ll learn:
  • why e-bikes make great all-around vehicles
  • what kind of e-bike rider you are
  • what types of e-bike models, options, and technologies are available
  • which e-bike components and designs will best meet your needs,
  • how to shop for the e-bike that will give you exactly what you’re looking for
  • how to get the most out of your e-bike.
We hope the information helps you find the perfect electric bike you’ll ride for years! CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE ELECTRIC BIKE BUYERS GUIDE We'd love to know what you think!