Tire Liners are an excellent line of defense to prevent flat tires.  Especially with electric bicycles, changing a flat tire or getting stuck on the side of the road unprepared is never a good thing. Mr Tuffy Liners have been available for over three decades, and have proven themselves to be reliable, and long lasting over the years.  These liners add an additional layer of impenetrable material between the tire and tube, and do a great job of stopping typical flat causing items in their tracks.  Glass, nails, staples, screws – you name it, Mr Tuffy will stop it from puncturing your tube. Another benefit of a Tire Liner is the ability to get more mileage out of your tires.  Since you have this added layer, you can get the full life out of your current tires before needing to replace them. When combining these liners with a heavy duty tube, and possibly even a heavy duty Schwalbe tire, you can almost guarantee you will ride flat-free for 1000’s of miles! What kind of tire liners have you used?